About Us:

Guiding Grace is a non-profit organization that has been providing Behavioral Health & Substance Abuse Counseling to our surrounding communities for low or free of charge to individuals and their families throughout our communities that seek our counseling services come from all types of backgrounds and are all trying to mend their foundation that was damaged from unique life devastations.

Our Mission:

We are dedicated to working together to provide outpatient services and to help guide individuals and their families in building safe and healthy relationships within their family. With our guidance we are able to watch our clients grow within the community by helping them create a sturdy foundation mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

Thank you!

Guiding Grace can only achieve its goals with the assistance of generous donations from members of our community. Without these donations, serving those in our area would not be possible!

Our Team

We are here to help!

William D. Back, II, LPCC-S, TCADC 

Clinical Supervisor

"My passion is helping others in difficult situations. While assisting with Guiding Grace, I am working on my PhD, in addition to fulfilling another capacity assisting those struggling to get their lives back on track after addiction. I find Dialectical Behavioral Therapy to be beneficial for my clients." 

Mary Koppel, TCADC, BBM, BHCM, AAS

Founder, Program Administrator & Certified DUI Assessor

"I began my career in Health Care credentialing, billing, and management in 2012 when pursuing a double Bachelors at Sullivan University. After graduating in 2013, with a Bachelor’s in Health Care Management and a Bachelor’s in Business Management, I fell in love with the Behavioral Health field. When the opportunity arose to fulfill my dreams of running a Non-Profit and carrying out God’s plan to help spread his grace, Guiding Grace began to transpire. My love for the Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse environment grows with every life touched due to my own trials and tribulations. My passion is to make a difference in the lives around me through my knowledge, experience, and fire for the Lord."

Diane Green, APSS

Dual Certified Adult Peer Support Specialist & Certified DUI (Prime for Life) Instructor

"I became interested in the Peer Support Specialist field because of my past and my desire to help others. In my past life I was an addict, lost my children and spent time in prison. Present day, my new husband and I started a Christian Hip Hop music ministry called The Greens. We also began ministering at prisons and jails and facilitate a program called Living Free that helps with overcoming life controlling issues and a Christ-Centered 12-Step class. My entire life now is about helping others. I am a servant and Peer Support is a great opportunity for me to operate in my God-given ministry. I encourage and give hope to others who feel as though they cannot make it out of their current situations. It feels amazing to give back in the community where I was once a menace."